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Understand Social Selling Or Fail will help you sell more of anything through social media! Inside you'll to learn how to listen to your customer, engage them.
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Make the training assignable to a date on their calendar. Using Google and LinkedIn search, scan the horizon for training candidates. Identify a short-list of potential social selling training trainers. Use your selection criteria above to solicit proposals from trainers. Use your selection criteria as a guide to identify the most capable vendors based on what you see on their Web sites.

Call a reference or, at least, make sure the references are real people! Think in terms of getting back to basics.

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What do your front line sellers or you, yourself want? The primary goal of your training should be earning more appointments by increasing response.

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Make sure training you invest in focuses on a process that creates:. The instructional design —not only the curriculum. Only invest in training that:. When interviewing final candidates ask them for references who can tell you how their sellers are generating more response after the training. Social selling trainers often qualify themselves based on how well they know their way around platforms like LinkedIn.

Beware of social selling training promising outcomes other than measurable increases in response to—and appointments with—your reps and dealers. Want to get started on this process? Make your social selling training relevant and effective. Start with an assessment.

Tying advocacy to overall company metrics will show the true impact of your program.

1. Failing to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Sarah Goodall from Tribal Impact provides some great examples:. Read the PostBeyond step-by-step blog article to set up employee advocacy attribution metrics. Content marketing and employee advocacy need each other to succeed. Employee advocacy without content is a useless program.

Understand Social Selling...or Fail

High-quality content without employee advocacy can be money pit instead of an inbound lead source. Right now, it is estimated between percent of content created goes unused. Often underperforming content is due to lack of visibility. Departments can be siloed and even split between continents making sharing difficult. If sharing is a difficult process, employees will be less likely to do it. Platforms alleviate both of those issues allowing content to be easily disseminated out both to teams and to social networks helping content generate ROI. Create, distribute and share content with PostBeyond.

Request Demo. Request Demo Login. Employee Advocacy Everything you need to know when implementing and running an employee advocacy program. What is Employee Advocacy? Why is Employee Advocacy Important? Benefits of Employee Advocacy Whether or not your company is active on social, your brand is; competitors, customers, and employees are talking about you. Building Authenticity The authentic and trustworthy voices of your employees build brand credibility and improve brand image.

Boosting Reach and Awareness Leveraging employees to drive impressions and boost reach can give organizations a competitive edge. Improving Employee Engagement and Company Culture Culture is one of the most important and misunderstood pillars of any organization. Developing Thought Leaders Piggybacking off the success of your best and brightest will facilitate brand growth. Top Employee Advocacy Statistics Most organizations today have made investments to increase their social presence and as a result, employee advocacy has become a key marketing strategy for leading enterprises.

Social Advocacy in the Workplace PostBeyond, in partnership with Golfdale Consulting, conducted primary survey research of employees and management throughout the US and Canada on their usage, perceptions, and policies regarding social and mobile communication technologies in the workplace. While over half of managers recognize the visibility gains and brand benefits of social advocacy, just 1 in 10 reports implementing a structured, comprehensive social media advocacy program as part of their digital strategy.

Implementing The PVC Sales Methodology For LinkedIn Social Selling, Episode # | Vengreso

Disengaged employees cost an organization a lot. Pew Research Center This means, million people are turning to social media to keep up with current events. Hinge Marketing Measurable benefits include increased web traffic Employees have on average 10x more connections than brand channels. Brand messages are re-shared 24x more when distributed by an employee. Socially engaged employees are more optimistic, inspired, connected, and tenured.

Employee Advocacy Strategies: Three Important Steps Without a well-thought-out implementation strategy, a program may not get enough adoption to show value. Before fully launching a program it is important to consider these three steps: 1. Social Media Policy Revamp Updating and recirculating a social media policy will help to mitigate risk by providing employees and executives with more guidance and best practices when sharing on social.

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  • Training Social media skills will vary throughout your organization. Leadership Buy-in for Employee Advocacy In order to secure buy-in, executives will need to see a fully thought out plan with goals, metrics and a strategy to achieve them. Expand Networks Continuously sharing interesting social posts will build a social presence and lead to more engagement. More Transparency with Their Organization Employees who are invested want to know what is going on in their organization. Employee Advocacy and Workplace Engagement Employees are, on average, checking their social media profiles more than 10 times a day during working hours.

    Best Practices for Employee Advocacy In addition to implementing the strategies mentioned above, there are also best practices to ensure a successful program. Secure Leadership Buy-In Employee advocacy programs that achieve the most success are those with leadership buy-in. Guide, Not Command Establishing policies and guidelines for employee advocacy is important, not just for risk mitigation, but also to enhance program buy-in. Train Employees Instill confidence by training employees how to best use social media and how to post for business.

    Measure and Evaluate As with any other marketing program, employee advocacy requires measurement and objective evaluation. Leverage Technology Many programs fail because program adoption and metrics tracking are inefficient. Employee Advocacy Tools Marketing technology such as marketing automation, analytics or report can streamline processes and enable more robust metrics tracking.

    Employee Advocacy Metrics Measuring the true impact social media marketing and employee advocacy will ensure the program continues. How The Travel Corporation amplifies all of their different global brands. How Turbonomic increased social media engagement by 5x. Subscribe to our blog Get access to our latest and greatest content on employee advocacy!

    Most of the B2B marketing departments I have encountered over the past five years realize that generating sales leads is part of their responsibility but often do not understand what real sales leads are. Social selling works for lead generation and throughout the sales life cycle sales and support.

    Here are some reasons to start social selling not perceived but real benefits today:. If you are tired of getting warmed over leads from marketing, go hunting and social media Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even customer websites who often have great About and Management Team pages where you can go shopping for the executive profile that suits your solution.

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    • Also, check out if your alum has a Linkedin page or group as well as more and more alumni associations have Twitter accounts. Get fellow alums to help you find customers.

      Should Leaders Practice Social Selling Or Leave It To Their Sales Pros?

      Show your involvement in causes and charities and retweet those accounts which need to be lifted up and recognized for all their efforts. Include your competitors hashtag in your posts so if customers are look at them they will see you as well. Posting the same post a few times a week is a good idea or build your own library of canned posts you post when you need to or respond to a question or interaction. Of course, you can create your own hashtag though tagging along with others is also good idea. Track mentions of your companyname and track hashtags of your competitors including the key fail to see what people are saying about you.

      No more cold calling hoping to connect with a person who will never call you back anyway.

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      I know people who do it all the time and it really works but find your own schedule to avoid knocking yourself out. However, getting help from writers is rather easy. I recommend local writers as you can meet and collaborate rather than cheap blog shops. Also, check with your corporate legal and compliance regarding any limitations and disclosures.