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Morris Coffman has been a truck driver for 35 years. And he's been a conservative for even longer than that — his whole life. His idiotic ideas will tank the economy even further. Truckers, like Coffman, lean conservative.

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A Verdant Labs analysis of Federal Elections Commission data found that nearly three-quarters of truck drivers are Republican — one of the most conservative jobs in America, along with surgeons and farmers. And truck drivers supported Trump in droves, according to an Overdrive magazine survey from Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee in But a sharp downturn in the trucking industry and a slew of tax changes have hampered their ability to make a living. And many connect those two trends to Trump's economic policies.

If consumers aren't buying, then there is no demand. This really isn't about my political leanings — it's pure business. Trump's tax reworking in led to many truck drivers having to pay hundreds in taxes this year, thanks to a change in per-diem laws.


That might've been bearable in , when trucking capacity was tight, the industry was raking in cash, and truckers saw their pay jump. But now the trucking "bloodbath," as Coffman and other truckers describe current transportation conditions, has meant low rates and low pay for truckers. Trucking has been in a recession since late They scrape by in small companies or as so-called owner-operators making very little money and working hour days. Doug Bloch, the political director of the Teamsters Joint Council 7, which represents , teamsters in the West, had an even darker vision for how the truck-port model could play out.

In an industry where workers are already disempowered by a nasty labor model that has held down wages and kept many truckers from receiving benefits, the introduction of new technology is not going to go well for workers, no matter how well-intentioned Uber might be.

For All The Truckers :-"if you are one of us, be proud of it ! "

Even Bloch, though, thought the general vision embedded in the Uber study of an increase in transfer hubs was likely. The impact that self-driving trucks would have on trucking jobs seemed obvious to people typing up reports on computers about the industry: Of course, self-driving trucks would mean less truckers. In particular, the question has been approached as a technology issue, rather than a social or political one.

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Uber might be able to push for changes in how truckers get paid, especially for waiting time at the end points for pickups and drop-offs, which is currently unpaid in most cases. It comes at a convenient time for Uber, too because they need to do some good stuff.

Could Self-Driving Trucks Be Good for Truckers? - The Atlantic

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Uber's prototype self-driving semi-trucks. Alexis C.

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Her account is one of many tales of sexual harassment experienced by women in trucking. In the process, the drivers for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa—based company said that they were sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, and in some cases sidelined or forced out of the job for speaking up, according to court documents. The truckers were allegedly catcalled. They said that in some cases, they were even raped.

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For the first time, court documents tied to a class action lawsuit against CRST allege that many more companies than previously known, including Fortune brands that market to women, used the trucking firm as a shipper. Some of the legal documents have been unsealed by a joint request through the nonprofits Public Justice and Type Investigations. Spokespersons for the other companies did not respond to requests for comment.

In and out of court, CRST has vigorously denied claims in the class action lawsuit, and spokespersons for the company say it continues to provide job opportunities. Yet critics argue that by using CRST, large companies are effectively underwriting the abuse of women workers.

While that largely goes unseen by the public, shipping firms like CRST are conduits of the economy—and, increasingly, the goods we buy online.

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