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He had three brothers: Alessandro , Carlo and Giovanni. He received a strong religious education, from which he began to rebel when he reached his twenties. He volunteered to serve in the Seven Years' War in order to escape his father's decision to register him for legal studies but quit after a year. In mid-September , he met the economist Henry Lloyd and developed a lifelong friendship with Henry Lloyd.

In his early life, he translated Destouches' works and wrote satirical almanacs Borlanda impasticciata , Gran Zoroastro and Mal di Milza which scandalized the Milanese society. In combination, these particularly informed his emerging views on law and civil society, the importance of historical understanding, his utilitarian tendencies and, more specifically, economic issues associated with trade, money, credit, and taxation.

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Pietro Verri was the founder, leader, and active contributor to both. Il Caffe appeared between and in successive magazines made in two volumes. Magazine 10 of Volume 1 has an article by Pietro Verri devoted to thoughts on the spirit of Italian Literature [4] Here Verri describes Galileo- Newtonianism at the philosophical level as a force of renovation, providing a new connecting frame for scientific reasoning, in the spirit of what we have called above moral Newtonianism. Other figures who wrote on it include his brother Alessandro, the famous philosopher Cesare Beccaria , Alfonso Longo and Pietro Secchi.

In , he also entered the public administration, where he distinguished for his reforming attitudes: in particular, he proposed the abolition of the exaction of taxes through intermediaries. After a documented Bilance on the Commerce of the State of Milan , In Verri published notable work, Elementi del Commercio "Elements of Commerce" , inspired by a wide interpretation of liberalism in commerce.

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This was followed by the Meditazioni sull'economia politica "Reflection's on Political Economy", , the book contains 40 sections and when Verri's Meditiazioni first appeared was well received. Its success was considerable, in just one year, five different editions produced. According to Schumpeter , Verri was one of the first economists to figure out a balance of payments and Schumpeter adds Verri is the most important pre-Smithian authority on Cheapness and Plenty.

His work is clearly one of the many examples in the economic literature which during the quarter-century after marks the emergence of political economy as a separate science. From the vantage point afforded by Verri's political economy , we gain a considerably attractive view of the most significant elements and characteristic concepts of Lombard enlightenment during the latter half of the 18th century. Meditiazioni can be separated three different parts.

The first, covering the first five sections, presents the general principles of the science by explaining economic development and growth, circulation, production, exchange, money, and prices in general terms.

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These general principles are supplemented and elucidated on money, industry, interest, and circulation and on population. Part II then applies these principles to a number of policy questions in political economy : the distribution of landed property, guilds and other forms of restrictive practices through privilege, price controls, controls over sales, sumptuary laws and some observations associated with population and agriculture.

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Part III presents the theory of finance while the last three sections act as a sort of summary of the policy implications of the material presented. The aim of political economy to increase national power, strength and happiness is achievable through an increased population, incentives to labor, increased production and an appropriate balance between it and consumption.

Success in achieving this policy objective can be measured by at least three different means in the absence of reliable national output data, as Verri indicates at various points in his treatise. These are the balance of trade , which he regarded as an imperfect measure; the level of the rate of interest, which he saw as a better measure, and population size and characteristics, which he saw as the best measure because it could be most accurately measured. Verri's economic theory concentrates on three subjects: 1. According to Verri, the price of a commodity is directly related to "need" and inversely to plenty.

By "need", Verri does not mean any indeterminate desire, but the effective demand of goods, i.

Felicità familiare

Verri stresses consumer sovereignty, by arguing that demand regulates supply and not the contrary. As to plenty, it basically depends on the market form: it is larger when the market approximates to perfect competition. The problem of equilibrium between production "reproduction" in Verri's terms and consumption is analyzed examining two opposed cases of disequilibrium.

Verri's contribution is strictly connected here to the basic theoretical assumptions of his theory of action. It is also very original in its issues. The first case takes place when national consumption is greater than production and the balance of commerce is unfavorable.

Unlike Hume, Verri pays no attention to deflux of money and to the ensuing deflation. His interest is devoted to real re-equilibrating mechanisms. Jeff Kinney. Craig Smith. Sally Rooney. Bill Bryson. Lee Child. Carol McCloud. Rod Campbell. Amor Towles. Simon Sinek. Jamie Oliver. Neal Shusterman.

Emily Winfield Martin. Johann Hari. Lucinda Riley. William Dalrymple. Elizabeth Strout. Heather Morris. Julie Andrews. Cassandra Clare. Mark Manson. Laura Marshall. Eric Carle. Scott Pape. Dav Pilkey. Daniel Kahneman. Bessel van der Kolk.

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